How to Show Up As An Authentic Marketer Featuring Teresa Heath-Wareing

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Teresa Heath-Wareing didn’t just jump into the marketing world overnight, she’s been in this field for 16 years. A midlife crisis shot Teresa into the reality of transitioning all her experience and knowledge of the marketing field into her own business. What seemed daunting at the time - She was newly divorced, living on her own with her daughter, no savings, no rich parents, a mortgage, a car, etc. - Became the ultimate motivator to become successful.

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Teresa Heath-Wareing didn’t just jump into the marketing world overnight, she’s been in this field for 16 years. A midlife crisis shot Teresa into the reality of transitioning all her experience and knowledge of the marketing field into her own business. What seemed daunting at the time - She was newly divorced, living on her own with her daughter, no savings, no rich parents, a mortgage, a car, etc. - Became the ultimate motivator to become successful. 

“I think I started to realize the power in me, as in people were buying into me...I was going to pitches and I was winning them based on my experience, my presentation and my personality. So I think there was like a tiny realization at that point when I handed in my notice. I thought, what if for one second, I could do this for me. So instead of earning a salary, what if I brought in the money?” - Teresa Heath Wareing

To confidently become an online marketer, Teresa says that you have to show up and produce problem solving solutions. If you want to produce content that works, you have to be real, educated and passionate about what you put out there. In today’s world there are millions of online educators and entrepreneurs, not to mention a little thing called Google, that can help your business grow. You might not be everyone’s cup of tea (or in Teresa’s world, cup of gin) but if you are authentically yourself, you will show up in all the right places. 

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Teresa is an Award winning International speaker, TEDx speaker, trainer, podcaster and business owner, Teresa, works with businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers to help them enhance their digital marketing & social media efforts.

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Episode Transcription

Dallin (00:00):

Welcome to visionaries where we believe your powerful message is the best way to grow your business. Impact the world and live a meaningful life. Today. We are talking with Tresa what's up, Teresa, how are you doing?

Teresa (00:12):

I am good. Thank you, Dallin. Really, Really good. How are things with you?

Dallin (00:16):

Good, good. You know, I was just commenting before we went live. How amazing you look, your camera set up. Your background. Video is a big part of my background and so like I'm, I'm jealous. I gotta up my game again, slack on some of my, uh, you know, on some of these episodes. No, but, but you look amazing and I'm excited to connect with a lot of mutual, amazing friends. Um, tell us more about just like a snapshot into who is Teresa.

Teresa (00:44):

So I guess the first thing I should say is that I work with small business owners to help them improve their digital marketing and social media and, uh, launch and scale businesses online. So lots of that is around the membership space or the course space and the kind of very much digital world we're in now. But basically I've worked in marketing for 16 years. I have a degree in marketing and it's been my world. I eat, sleep, breathe this stuff. And I always thought I was going to be a, an employee. I was a really good employee. I like being patted on the head and told her done a good job. I like the security of the job. And then I joke that about six years ago, I think I went through an early midlife crisis because my life had just changed at home. I had separated from my ex husband and I was on my own with my daughter who was about three, four at the time.

Teresa (01:42):

And I decided slightly crazily to hand in my notice at my job, which paid really well and thought, I'll just get another job. You know, I just thought let's try something else. I've been there quite a few years and I was ready for something different and basically nothing came forward. Like I forgot that I was in a fairly rural part of structure in England. And I'd forgotten that I was a fairly expensive resource by that point, because I'd had all this experience and I kind of thought, I'm sure there'll be a job out there. And nothing came forward. And my notice was running out of my job. And I was like, what am I going to do? What am I going to do? So basically thought, well, do you know what? I've just been selling marketing for this agency, doing the marketing. Surely I can do this myself.

Teresa (02:27):

So my boss at the time had got wind of that. She heard that this was possibly the case and told me to leave. And I had one week to set up my business. I had no savings. I had no husband, no partner, no rich parents, like literally a month salary and a daughter and a house and a mortgage and a car and all those things that I had to keep going. And I started my business and initially started out as an agency, doing marketing for the people, doing the thing that I'd done forever and a day, and then started to transition. And now full time have an online business.

Dallin (03:06):

I love it. I love it. What an amazing snapshot into your story. Um, w what do you feel like? So if you've really got your back against the wall, forced to make something, you know, um, how did you feel in the moment that you're like, how I'm going? Like, what is my next right step? I've been in marketing for years, but I haven't necessarily been building a business for years. Um, what was that first step you, you took, um, to make it happen? Right?

Teresa (03:38):

Interestingly enough, I had always done jobs that had taken me away from home, or I'd always worked away and I'd never built up a name for myself, where I lived in the town and the County where I live. And then it was this job that I had had that then I started to realize, I think I started to realize the power in me, as in people were buying into me into the agency. I was going to pitches and I was winning them based on my experience and my presentation and my personality. So I think there was like a tiny realization at that point when I handed my notes, said that I thought, and when I looked at how much business I'd bought in, I thought, what if, like, what if for one second, I could do this for me. So instead of earning a salary, what if I bought in the money?

Teresa (04:25):

I just bought him for that business in 12 months. And basically I just went all out because I think there is nothing like having that driver to push you, because I don't know in reality how hard I'd have worked at it in those early days, if I'd got the comfort of another salary or some savings or something, I literally was living month to month to month. And I knew, and at the time my bills, my car, my house, it was like 1800 pounds a month. I had to earn that from day one or otherwise something was going to give and that cannot happen. So, so for me, it was like, just get myself out there, just tell the world, this is who I am. This is what I'm doing. And I basically used as many as those connections and those kinds of conversations, so they could as possible. So it's interesting how I've had the businesses have both, because literally in those early days, I was turning up to breakfast meetings, you know, the network meetings, terrible bacon sandwiches, like awful coffee standing there doing a 60-second pitch. And that's what I was doing. And to think then that I would be doing the stuff I do now is mind blowing and to earn the money, the way I do now is mind blowing. I just never even saw it coming.

Dallin (05:50):

Wow. How amazing in that too. And, and the fact that you had a daughter, you know, at the same time, you know, I feel like there some built-in motivation there, you know? So we talked about, um, before we hit record to, uh, this idea of building a vision for your brand and for the future and a picture for what your perfect future looks like, um, who are you with? Where are you? What are you doing?

Teresa (06:19):

So I'm big into goal setting vision boards. Like every single day, I write down 15 goals that I want to achieve. Um, some of these are like fairly reasonable in times of like, Oh yeah, that's probably going to happen in the next 12 months. And then some of them are like, Holy moly. That would be amazing if that happened. So some of these things are business related. Some of them are personal, but really for us, my husband and I, we actually want to come and move to the States. That is something that's on our agenda. That's something we'd like, we love travel. Last year, we did 26 flights to, I spoke in Cyprus and Greece and Dubai and the States four or five times, like we did so much, we love it. So for me, what we want to be in a country, that's got amazing weather all the time.

Teresa (07:14):

And we're thinking like California, Arizona, like, you know, the hot places, although we've got great friends in Nashville. So we'd love to be in the States now coming from a family that is divided in the sense of, I have an ex-husband, my husband has an ex wife. We have children that are shared. My daughter would like, we're envisaging this sort of five, six years time. And my daughter will be sort of 16, 17 by that point. So we hope at that point, she'll be an age where she can go, yeah, I can come and visit, or no, I want to come and live with you or whatever that would be in terms of the business. I just imagine having a bigger version than what I have now. So at the moment I have an online academy and I have a 90 day program and I speak, so I stand on stages and I speak normally all over the world, not at the moment.

Teresa (08:03):

Um, and we're doing my first ever online event for the members only at next week, actually really exciting. So my vision is it's just bigger and better. There's just more people I'm helping more people I'm being put in front of. And, and I can do some of those more amazing things like the events. And I like we have, um, do you need the brand Carlsberg? I think it's Carlsberg. It's a beer brand. Like, so basically, I don't know if you've heard of it. Okay. So it's a UK beer brand and their marketing is always around if Carlsberg did. So it's like, they're trying to imagine, like if you had to go, I don't know, to a hospital, what might look like if Carlsberg did it, it would be the best of everything. So wherever this concept come from, I've no idea, but it's almost like if I was to do an event, it's going to be the best of the best.

Teresa (08:55):

Like it's going to be a retreat weekend. It's going to be high-end and luxury and beautiful. And like, I just want everything on a much bigger scale, but knowing I've built it by growing organically. And, and when I say organic, I mean, like, you know, I'm not going to suddenly chuck $20,000 to ads tomorrow. You know, I like the fact that I know pretty much most of my members first name and what they do, you know, I like the fact of how I'm growing. So for me, that's kind of on the, on the big stuff. It's speaking at bigger things. Like, I can't imagine the thought I've done a TEDx talk and I would flip in love to do a Ted talk. Um, things like I write on there that I'm a New York Times Bestselling Author. Um, and a book was never something that necessarily was in my head, but then I journal every day and I realized, I journal as if I'm writing a book.

Teresa (09:53):

So then I was like, what if one day, like in this journey of what it's like to be an entrepreneur and be a mom and a stepmom, and my husband was in the military and the military, miltary? And like, what if the story needs to be told and what if someone wants to read it? Like, so, so yeah, it's all these sort of things that the idea is my husband and I will be financially in a position where he doesn't have to work and, or, well, he has enough that he can do all his hobbies that he wants to do no dooubt. And, and I, I can fully imagine, I'll just keep doing my thing. He'll travel with me. He did a lot last year, which was lovely. I'll speak on lots of stages. I meet lots of people. Like, it's my favorite thing. And I just want more of it basically.

Dallin (10:37):

Yeah. Yeah. I love those dreams, like being paid it out. And the fact that you write for 15 things a day, and you journal, I mean, that's, that's a documentation of that journey.

Teresa (10:48):

Yeah, the same 15 every single day. And I'd already like my vision board, I've already ticked things off. So my TEDx talks sat on my vision board for probably two years. And then I got accepted to a TEDx talk and, uh, Inbound is one of the events I wanted to speak at. And this year, although it was virtual and fingers crossed, obviously it wasn't meant to be virtual, but it was virtual. I spoke at Inbound, you know, it's kind of some of these things that I try and go specific as possible, like even down to necessarily the cars we might drive. And when I think about, sometimes I do some meditation around sort of that goal setting and imagining things. And it literally is like, okay, you know, what team would I have close to me because all my team are virtual at the moment. So would I have a full-time assistant who is literally in the same location as me or would, you know, what would it look like? Would I have a studio? So my, my office is pretty nicely set up anyway with all the stuff, but I want a studio that is just for doing studio stuff. You know, I want a podcasting studio, I all these other things. So yeah, it's as much as I can dream and imagine and see it, that it just helps the, the idea that it's coming.

Dallin (12:02):

Yeah. I love that too. And I love dreaming that up. I mean, a big part of my world is content. And so, uh, I, I, in a similar way, imagine a content supply studios where people can come and produce, um, their branded content in one place. And so, wow. I mean, I, I love, um, like I, I can see what you're literally painting, um, you know, on that canvas and imagine that for you. And it's amazing. Uh, what do you feel like are so for, you know, for those listening or watching, um, a lot of them are in a place, uh, as you talked about early on building digital courses, memberships coaching programs are just beginning or scaling their online business journey. Um, what would you say are some practical first steps for someone to take in order to successfully grow a business that allows them to leave a job or go full time, or just constantly know that they're on the right path?

Teresa (13:08):

That's a great question. And I think I obviously see so many people in this world, and I see some people who are crushing it and some people who, uh, falling at the first hurdle. And I think one of the things for me, and one of the reasons I can keep waking up every day and doing what I do is because I absolutely love it. So I think that's the first thing. If, if you have not got a, uh, you know, if your passion is not the thing you're trying to sell, or you're trying to make a business idle, it's not that it's impossible, not at all, but it's going to feel harder. Like, you know, I remember when I first started the membership and some good friends said to me, he run memberships. They were like, you've gotta be able to get up every day and talk about this every single day.

Teresa (13:50):

Are you ever going to get bored of talking about it? And I said to at the time, no, I don't think so. And I remember doing my first coaching call with my members where they're on screen and they're coming to me with their marketing things. And I'm saying, I'll do this, do that, change this, whatever. And I remember thinking, what if I don't like this? What if I've just set up this membership? And I hate it. And I did that first call, and honestly I could do it all day long. I loved it. So that's the first thing you've got to be passionate about it. And I think the next thing for me, which again, people kind of not skip, but they don't realize the importance of it is you need to be known for this thing. I've seen people try and launch something in an area that they didn't even, they weren't in three weeks ago, you know?

Teresa (14:36):

And then suddenly they wanted to come up as this expert and they wanted to build this thing and they wanted to, you know, do a membership or a course. And it was like, no one knows that you are known for that thing. So any amount of work that someone can do to go look, I know what I'm talking about. I am credible. And that for me is content without a shadow of a doubt. Like how does someone know that I'm any good at what I do? Well, I've talked nonstop for like 143 episodes of a podcast. Like that would be a lot of podcasts that if I didn't know what I was talking about, like, you just have to watch one of my videos. You know, if you've seen, I don't do them very often, but like occasionally I'll do a live, um, or come into the Academy and come on a coaching call to know that I know what I'm talking about, but, but if you're just getting started, you've got to do it through that content.

Teresa (15:26):

You've got to be showing up and you've got to be producing stuff that makes me go, Oh yeah, look, they, they know what my problems are. They understand my pain points. They understand the thing that I am struggling and they're helping me find a solution and they're pointing me in the right direction. And therefore, once I've seen them do that a couple of times, I might then think, do you know what? This is great, but I want to take it a step further, or I need to know a bit more, or I need it more personalized to me. And then that's the course or the membership or the coaching program or whatever it is. But I think, like I said, one, you've got to flippin, love it. You've got to be so passionate about it. And two, you've got to do everything you can in your power to go look, you know, I'm good at this stuff. I know what I'm talking about. I'm known for this thing. I'm an expert in this field. And, and the easiest way to do that straight off the bat is through your own content.

Dallin (16:21):

Yeah. That's, that's so powerful. And, and that's, you know, that's one thing I think, uh, you know, people give a clear path sometimes of like, step one, do this step 20, do this. Uh, I love that the simple first step was, uh, my mind went to Marie Kondo who blew up a Netflix like a year or two ago, right. With like organize your life. But the thing that everyone remembers is like, does this spark joy? And I think, you know, as lot for someone to lean into something, that one definitely is their expertise, but two, does it spark joy? Meaning can you show up and talk about it? Like you said, for hundreds and hundreds of episodes of podcasts or video, whatever type of content, um, and do so with authority and integrity, because you know what you're talking about. I think there's a lot of power to be said in that.

Dallin (17:11):

Um, and I believe it gives more confidence to the message that you're sharing. Uh, and that's something that I noticed early on, you know, when I asked like, Hey, give me a snapshot into who Teresa is. You know, you lay out a simple, clear message of what you do, and then you go into your backstory. Um, and I think that's incredible format and it's evident by, um, how you are amazing on stage in virtual stages is that, you know, you perfected that message for yourself. What, what do you think? Um, I mean, uh, I mean, my brand is called Content Supply, right? So like, yes, it's like, we all know, at least for sake in any brand, you need visibility through content. What is the difference between content that works and content that does not work?

Teresa (17:57):

So for me, you kind of alluded to it a little bit, a moment ago when you talked about that authenticity, um, the, the realness of the content that you produce. So for me, the, the content has got to reflect who you are, and it's got to show who you are. So in my world and your world, there are a million of us. Like there are a lot of people who do what we do, and there's this thing called Google, which is pretty cool in some ways as well, because that can tell you a lot of stuff. So why is someone coming to me and they're coming to me because it's me. And because they liked me and they like the way I do things, or they like the jokes I do, or like my personality, whatever it is, the same as people won't come to me because I'm not for them.

Teresa (18:44):

You know? So I'm not crazy quirky and I'm not, you know, I'm like when I look at some people in my industry, you know, they're quite young and they're really funky. And, and it's like, that is not me at all. Like, I'm a mum for goodness sake. Like, I don't think I was dancing going on. Yeah, exactly. Like you're not catching me doing a reel with like the pointing thing that isn't happening. Like, I don't think that's my thing, but then there's people who like partners, people that weren't. So I think the key and the power is one about being as authentic as possible. But two, for me, it's, it's showing up and go and do you know what if you'd like me cool. If you don't, then that's cool too, because I know when I started all, I wanted was for people to like me, you know, and that held me back because one, it gave me huge amounts of fear of showing, not showing the real me, but just showing me at all.

Teresa (19:37):

So, you know, doing a live, I remembered like the first few lives I did, I was petrified or putting yourself on stage or saying you're an expert at something because you're terrified that someone else might come around and go, that's not right. Or that's not what I think. So I think once you get comfortable with, do you know what? I'm not for everyone. And, and that's okay. And I'm just going to come across as honest, as authentic and as real as possible. And I say that the members in the membership, they see, they see a slightly less polished version of me. Like, so, you know, we've got a coaching call on Thursday night, my house be thrown off. I might be sat here with a gin and tonic. You never know, like Invevitly there's a coaching call, in the evening there's a glass of wine or a gin involved, like, and that's me and that's who I am.

Teresa (20:24):

So I think the more you can do some content that helps you demonstrate that. And I, for me, my content is a podcast because I like speaking. And I now do it in a very authentic way. It changed over time. But in the sense that it's hardly edited, like if I'm sat there and I can't think of something like, Oh, hang on a sec. And I'm literally saying this on podcast. And what's nice is people, people are going to say, think they made me, which sounds wrong, but they feel like they know the real me, because that is the real me, you know? And whereas to begin with it might be more edited or it might be a bit more scripted. And, and now I just embrace everything and I'm human and we make mistakes and we're not perfect. And I might not know every platform that's out there because they're so flipping many of them, or I might not have had experienced using that one thing or doing that other thing. But you know, it doesn't mean it can't learn. It doesn't mean I can't go and find out, Hey, doesn't mean I can't get to grips with it quicker than maybe your average person. But I just think having that confidence in this is who I am. This is what I know if you like it. Cool. If you don't, that's all right. As well, because there's loads of people like that. You can go and alternative people. You can go and see.

Dallin (21:35):

Yeah. I'm so glad you shared that authenticity. And that's like, kind of like story. It's one of those buzz words in marketing. I mean, you're a long-term marketer, right? So yeah, out there, but, but I love that you went a step further and I guess some key words that you may not have used, but I feel like the tone was there around this idea of sharing your unique perspective, um, is the only thing that's going to make you different stand out. You know, you can say you're like, I'm an online business coach, but like, what does that really, the thousands of other only business coaches out there, but to another level of people wanting to connect with someone that they know love and trust like a relationship, you know, like we've all dated, we've, you know, many have gotten married, divorced, cause relationships didn't work out.

Dallin (22:23):

And, you know, the idea of getting into relationship with the people who want to commit to you and no one else by way of, you know, customers I think is the ultimate re customer relationship and taking them on that relationship journey. And, uh, and so in doing that, you know, you're only going to stand out, um, with your unique perspective. Um, and, uh, and so I, I'm a big, big believer in that. And I'm so glad you shared that. Um, well, what, so, so with having authenticity, um, sharing your unique perspective and starting to stand out a little bit more, uh, how can someone utilize marketing in a way that helps them actually grow their business and not be stuck in it kind of like a hamster wheel? Yeah.

Teresa (23:11):

Yeah. See, this is a big thing when you first start, because I was that I was, even though I teach people, I did marketing, I was stuck in that, just doing the stuff and not actually thinking about, you know, what, what am I trying to produce here? Where am I trying to go? What sort of content I want to do? And I didn't see content as important at all. And I remember someone asking me, not that long ago, how many hours do you think you spend producing content a week? And it's like, well, if we're talking, you know, for the Academy as well, probably like three days a just on content creation. And again, if I had thought of that back when I started the business, I thought that'd be crazy. That's insane. And I think it's a very cliche to say about working, you know, on the business, not in the business, but it's so true, you know, and often as many of these cliches are, they, they are absolutely true.

Teresa (24:03):

So for me, it's about knowing that the thing you're doing and loving the thing you're doing. So whether it be a video or a blog or a podcast or whatever, seeing it as an essential job in the business, the same way as doing client work is an essential job. And the other thing that happened for me and I don't, you know, definitely knew when he got started, but my business was like a roller coaster. Like I would be really quiet. So I'd be like throwing myself out there all the time and I'd get all these clients. And then, because I have clients I'd go like radio silence because of the back that I was doing, you know, client work. And then I would come to ends of projects or things would change. And then you're suddenly like I've got new clients and you'd go crazy again.

Teresa (24:48):

So the minute I could work out that consistency piece the minute. And actually for me, that was when I first brought someone on board and it wasn't that they came on to do the marketing and they didn't come on to do the stuff I would do. They came to do the behind the scenes stuff that I didn't have to do. So the minute I bought on help for me, and it was literally a virtual assistant for 10 hours a month. So this was not a lot of money. This wasn't a full-time person. I have literally just that enabled me to have enough time to then go. Now I need to be consistent. Now I need to show up every day and I need to take this seriously. So for me, that was kind of the, the way I had to look at it as, as if it's as essential as doing some client work or as essential as paying your tax bill, it was like, this is something you have to do regardless. So try and make it something you like doing at the very least, because that is going to make the whole thing feels so much.

Dallin (25:47):

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So something you enjoy talking about for sure. And one thing I've recognized too, and I'm looking at your, like, I love looking at like little pieces of someone's site and I'm looking at your site right now. I just one, the design is beautiful, but too, um, and one of the episodes you did in the past for your podcast is the systems I use in my business to save me time and money. And the word system is a really fascinating, um, word, but also, um, thing that we can use inside of our business. Um, and within the marketing side, I think having marketing systems is really powerful. You mentioned hiring an assistant to like save it free up that time and money that you were using for yourself. Um, but, but building a way that like, we're, we're able to show up on days that we feel like we can't really choose not to and get.

Dallin (26:42):

Cause I had this conversation while that was someone that, that like you got to show up everyday, which is true. But some days it's like, you know, whether it's, um, um, our emotional health, our mindset, or just like life gets in the way and interrupts, and we're just introvert and us kicks in and we're like, how do I show up today? And I'm a big believer that with systems you can show up every day, um, because you power empower your team to distribute content and put out your marketing. And so you can truly, um, free up that time. And even that growth of money opportunity, um, where you don't literally have to go and spend hours on social media every day to show up every day, um, showing up to look like certain, like, you know, for you, you have that membership, um, it can show up in a coaching call, which is to very targeted people who already trust you and are paying you, or, uh, yeah, I could show up in an ad that you filmed or created months ago. Right. And that idea of showing up doesn't necessarily literally have to be the investment of your time and money that day. It could be that, you know, maybe you did it months or years ago. Yeah.

Teresa (28:00):

And do you know what I have the most awful, but perfect example of this because it literally happened this summer. So this summer, unfortunately, my mum in a very short space of time got diagnosed with cancer and then passed away within the space of five weeks. She was 67, fairly young. This was not something we thought we'd have to deal with. And the speed of it was phenomenal during lockdown as well. You know, so everything just kind of my world imploded for a short time. And the truth of the matter was it's funny when people sell the idea of an online business and having an online team and online staff and, and, you know, and doing the online thing is that they, they paint this picture of being on a beach somewhere or money coming in while you sleep. But the truth of the matter was I disappeared at my business for a two week period.

Teresa (28:54):

Oh, also I should add as well that do I'm smiling because this is ridiculous. But, um, my mum passed away and a week later I was rushed into hospital with an emergency appendicitis. And then I came out a day before the funeral. So like literally my world just said, Oh yeah, no, we're just going to throw everything at you at once. But the truth was, you wouldn't have known, you wouldn't have known I wasn't in my business because my content kept going out because I use a scheduler. I use Agorapulse to schedule my stuff. Um, that was done a long time before that my one of my team members and who's in the Academy and she does a live once, um, once a month on content and shows people like to use Canva and, you know, kind of like your small business content and come up with social ideas, she just stepped up.

Teresa (29:43):

And I said, you know, I put a post in the group saying listen I'm, they've known. My mum was there. I had mentioned when she, when we found out she'd been diagnosed. So, but again, I don't think they were expecting me to say, she's actually passed away now. So I posted in the group saying, listen, guys, I'm really sorry, but I'm just gonna step away for a minute. And Anne is going to love you and look after you and do everything you need her to do. And she loved it and basically did a takeover and put stuff out everyday. She did more than I would normally do the members because I have grown them from like over time, they've not rushed into the Academy. They would have listened to our podcast a years. They would have followed my stuff for awhile. They were the most kindest, thoughtful, gentlest people ever that would just like to raise a, you do exactly what you need to do, take your time.

Teresa (30:32):

And we are here when you're your bag. Um, and like I said, everything, I, all my talks have been prerecorded, you know? So according to something else, I was speaking on some stage at the same time. And, you know, so it was actually an amazing experiment sounds like a really wrong way to talk about it because it was a really awful time in my life. But like, actually, if you, if you want proof that an online business can carry on my money, didn't change. Nothing stopped. Nothing was different. They noticed in the Academy cause I'm normally so active. But the other thing that was great is I suddenly realized what is it that I have to do because I took it to that level. Like, I don't want to do anything here, but there are certain things I have to do and that's fine. So that literally came down to, here's a coaching call, I'll be on the coaching call, but then I'll be off.

Teresa (31:23):

Or I promised someone an interview, I'll do the interview and then I'm off. But it meant that everything else like at least they'd have to wait or someone else left to do it. And it was like I said, it seems really odd to talk about that experience as a great experiment, but it was a forced one, which I don't think I'd done. Like I wouldn't have taken a holiday and done got to that effort. It took something almost as critical as that to then make me go. Actually, this thing really works like this is what's having an online business is about..

Dallin (31:54):

Definitely. Well, what a powerful example and a moment of authenticity, you know, practicing what you preach.

Teresa (32:01):


Dallin (32:03):

Uh, you know, and this is like, uh, you know, I'll kind of speak to my experience real quick. When, when I first got introduced to the online business space, um, I was working at my previous employer, um, which I really enjoyed, uh, it's an incredible brand. And, uh, I was growing really quickly through the, this corporate structure. Um, and I learned some business pieces along the way, but ultimately like, I didn't, I mean, I studied it in school, so I didn't really have any kind of business experience as much as I, I just loved creating things and doing my own projects. And so, uh, kind of, I look back to be like, it was a nice, I got a mentor early on. It was a, um, she hired me first. Um, Michelle, she was one of my clients. And then she's like, Hey, let me like, you know, join a mastermind and all this stuff.

Dallin (32:51):

But what I recognize as far as like systems or business operations, um, I'm still massively learning so much and implementing as much as I need to. Um, but it's like, uh, there's so many business coaches and solutions out there. I just, I wish that this idea of like systems, um, and clarity on like how to approach your content, your marketing, your operations, um, just every single, you know, sells all that stuff. Every single essential bucket of your business was like handed over with a simplified blueprint because I remember early on, I was like trying to start a business is like a previous business that completely failed before. Um, I eventually started competent supply and it was like, I went online and Google, like, how do I start a business? And it takes me is like a wikiHow article that is like, create a business plan is like your first step. I was like, okay. So like I wrote ads started writing, right. It was like long thing, but you're not even making money in the process, you know? So it's like, it's getting you to write everything out. Cause I think it's like part of it is prepping you to take it to investors.

Teresa (34:05):

And it's like, we're really not there yet. If I was anywhere near there, I'd write a business plan.

Dallin (34:11):

Right, right. It was like, maybe you need that for it. And especially now though, like the acceleration of opportunity online is not going away anytime soon. You know, we saw there's a lot of, um, shared softwares. We use to empower our online business where we do sell digital products and services, like, um, you know, Kajabi, Teachable funnels, a lot of, uh, incredible tools. And there's obviously many more. But, uh, but yeah, no, it's just, it's funny though, because, um, you also mentioned earlier on Google, but like that's the first step we think we should take is like, Hey Siri, how do I start a business, Google? You know, how do I do this? And sometimes we, uh, you know, I think this idea of visibility or showing up, um, with a system is a way that we need to introduce more people to the opportunities that do exist online. And I know you're doing that in full force with your, your membership and the content you're putting out. And I think the more people step into sharing their unique perspective and being authentic, um, to help change the world and change the world through one person at a time.

Teresa (35:23):

Yeah, no, that's a great way of looking at it and that, and I love that because I think so often people view this world as, like I said, laptops on beaches. Like I've tried to work from a beach, can say, it's really hard if get sand in those keys, it would just be game over. But like, I think sometimes people think we all want to be the seven figure businesses or, you know, and, and do you know what some people don't want that. Some people just want the ability to free up enough time, so they don't have to work every flipping day. You know, they, they want the flexibility that a business or owning a business should give you, but actually when you get into it, it doesn't because I work more hours now than I've ever worked, which is why that's fine. Cause I love it.

Teresa (36:10):

But if I think being real about what the online world is, I think sometimes as well, like I said, we see the six-figure launches, the masses of people coming in the, you know, I've just bought this car, I've just done this thing. And it's like, that is a small percentage of the people that it's not to say that it's not doable. It's not say that that's not what I'm after and I'm going for absolutely. But it's about really realistic and go in if you've got the tenacity to keep showing up and showing up and showing up and showing up and you can because you love it and why not go for it, but, but let's be a bit realistic about it.

Dallin (36:53):

Yeah. Yeah. I love that. I didn't think we'd get into that area of showing up and that, that concept, cause it is, it's hard. I mean, you shared a really real, tangible example of like, you know, the hard times of having family or personal health struggles. Um, and, and even more, you know, like accelerate that to many more people, right. With 2020 being unique year, um, with health on many spectrums, whether it's physical or mental or spiritual, you know? Um, and, uh, and I think there's a lot of relevancy to recognize that it's okay to, um, you definitely need to keep showing up and being visible from a brand building perspective. But, um, there was no shame in setting up systems to empower that visibility to happen kind of on autopilot. Um, yeah. And, and, you know, having a solid content system is a way to do that.

Teresa (37:50):

Yeah, absolutely.

New Speaker (37:51):

This has been so good Teresa, I'm so glad to connect with you. Um, and thanks for sharing and being authentic with that, with everything. Um, and w where can people learn more about, uh, what you're up to?

Teresa (38:07):

So if you just search Teresa Heath Wareing, it's a hell of a name, but I promise you when you search it, I'm the only one you find me on your favorite platform. I'm on all of them kind of hazard of the job. Uh, but I am most often on Instagram. So that's my favorite. So do come and say hi over there or go to

Dallin (38:27):

Awesome. Awesome. So good. Well, thanks so much.

Dallin (38:30):

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